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Movie Update: September 21, 2000

We at OmniEntertainment apologize for the long delay between news updates and for our forever-claimed but never-realized site constructions. With the school year in full swing again, it's become increasingly difficult to keep up with the demands of a film company! So here's the latest:

Jin Kato Mu had its world debut at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee on Friday, August 11th at 7pm. The room was heavily crowded and the mood was intense... at least for the Seven! During the last few days of production, many of us had scarcely eaten or slept for days on end, trying to ensure that every little detail of our first full-length, independent film was complete. Were we successful? Our gracious audience seemed to think so! Hysterical laughter, screams of praise, and riotous applause awaited us as the final scene faded to black. Admittedly, many flaws in the quality of the screening surfaced, reflecting the film's frantic rush to the projector which began early that morning and didn't end until the minute the lights dimmed and the soundtrack commenced. But all things considered, we were very pleased with the reaction and the product.