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Welcome to the official Jin Kato Mu web site (not that there is an unofficial site, but one day, who knows?). This site is undergoing constant construction by the webmaster, Will Tang, and the editor, Andrew Thomas. We will try to update the latest news and developments as promptly as possible so if it seems as if the page has not been touched for a few days, chances are that nothing has happened (sorry!).

So just what is Jin Kato Mu (phonetic: Jin Kayto Moo)? Jin Kato Mu: As a Leaf Slowly Falls... Much Butt is Kicked is a film that is produced, directed, filmed, acted, and edited entirely by an independent group of students in Jackson, Tennessee. Seven students make up the nerve center of the operation, but other students as well as adults have taken satellite roles in advising and encouraging the group. For more about the students who have made this endeavor possible, please link to our Cast & Crew page. For the latest news, link to the News section. And for a history of our company and the origins of Jin Kato Mu, please link to the About Omni page. As always, please feel free to contact us if you want to comment on the site or movie or are interested on how you can get involved. Email addresses for the Seven are available on the Contact Us page.


September 21, 2000

cast & crew
Josh Arndt
Jenny Burke
Rachael Canaday
Tiffany Canaday
Derek Shipman
Andrew Thomas

Shinto Joe Bob
Nicole Livingston
Eva Young
Frank, the Yuppie

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Jackson Sun Review


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