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Written by Andrew Thomas

If I am the powerhouse of raw spontaneity, Tiffany holds the technical known-how to bring my ideas down to earth. Of all the members, Tiffany is the bond that holds us all together. She is there original jack-of-all-trades, dipping her professional fingers in all aspects of the production. Tiffany is a brilliant cinematographer, editor, director, and coordinator; she has even been known to give expert advice on my music composition! A sporadic and often impulsive individual, Tiffany, by sheer force of will, is able to arrange film shooting schedules and acquire extras at the drop of a hat. At movie meetings, when Tiffany talks, we listen. And though she is viewed (at least by myself) as a strong leader, Tiffany would rather listen than talk and is vehemently humble. However, Tiffany is nearly always the first to buckle under pressure and at times her temper can be quite volatile. Despite this, she manages to stay completely focused and is silently, and I believe unanimously, looked up to as the unwitting heroine behind the scenes. Tiffany and I together make a powerful force behind Jin Kato Mu, but without her there would be no movie... a statement that I couldn't reserve for myself.