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Written by Josh Arndt

Amongst the austere and grandiose regent of superlative, creative geniuses known as the "Seven", there is one known as Jenny of Burke. Hailed by the enlightened as the "Wurb Essence" and "Wurb Mother", she is, by due right, a "temperamental shrew" and an exemplary performer. Oft times, her exceptional self-confidence is mistaken as being nothing more than an inflated ego; and though that may not be far from the truth, it is of general understanding that there is no arrogance in that ego. While she is not bemoaning the agony suffered by her feet due to those rather "vixen-ish" boots, Jenny manages a rather impressive performance as a sarcastic and emotional realist in the character of Nicole Livingston. If one didn't know better, Jenny's role might be mistaken as an example of type casting, but most people know contrary to that. Jenny is without rival In terms of acting prowess, at least when compared to those Hollywood bimbos some have the nerve to call actresses. Of Jenny's many shining moments, there is none of any greater brilliance than when she demonstrates perfection in her panicking heroine motif. Without Jenny's ability to work herself into a mural of feminine fright, Jin Kato Mu would be reduced to a mere novelty student film. In considering the veritable plethora of contributions made by that known as Jenny of Burke, all of the "Seven" agree that without her... we'd be forced to call ourselves the "Six" and that would be just absurd.