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In most cases, a person's will to better himself or herself is not a fault by any definition; but Rachael manages to involve herself in every conceivable art form. A 24-hour day is no longer sufficient to keep up with her countless classes, practices, rehearsals, and performances. Yet she still manages her time well, and simultaneously she is able to adjust to the often-sporadic filming schedule.

While playing the sultry and deceptive role of Eva Young, she demonstrates once again that her repertoire of skills and talents is far from being paltry and undeveloped. Without her various contributions to the film, Jin Kato Mu would have taken a vastly different direction than it has today. Part of the uniqueness that everyone adds to the film would be lost without her presence.

By the way, if you are an acquaintance, colleague, or friend of Rachael, a small contribution of fifty or more U.S. Dollars is humbly asked of you for the construction of a new dance studio for her domicile. Do your part to better the world (or at least her world)!

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